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What is Unpaved Podcast?

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In this introductory mini-episode host and producer duo Katherine Moore and Tom Bonnett explain what Unpaved Podcast is all about, and what you can expect from the first series of four episodes.

Episode Notes

This is Unpaved Podcast, the adventure cycling and bikepacking podcast, brought to you by Katherine Moore and Tom Bonnett, and supported by komoot.

Join us as we travel the length and breadth of the UK, seeking out the very best off road riding in the wild and wonderful British Isles. We’re seeking out the riders, route masters, gear designers and creatives that help us get the most out of leaving the tarmac behind.

This introductory series explores the fundamental concepts of what it means to ride off road; exploring cycling history, how new communities are being born all over the country and how attitudes are changing more than they have done in decades. We want to show you what happens when we take this kind of riding to the extremes and how the cycling industry is responding to the surging all-terrain appetite.

This is not a studio podcast. We’ll be joining our guests as they showcase the very best of their local dirt, come snow, rain or shine (literally, it’s winter you know). You might be tuning into us from your commute, work or your local rides, but you won’t be missing out. With each episode we’ll be providing you with the route and highlights on our Unpaved komoot account so you can go and enjoy the locals’ best off road trails all over the UK too.

To claim your free region bundle as a new user of komoot, head over to www.komoot.com/g and use the code UNPAVED.

Keep your eyes peeled on Wednesday 19th February for the launch of our first episode of the podcast, where we'll be travelling to the New Forest to hang out with The Woods Cyclery and Brother Cycles.






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Music: Vegyn

Cover art: Tim Wilkey

Episode Transcription

Welcome to Unpaved.

Welcome to Unpaved.

Oh, you sounded way less excitable than I was expecting, what was that about?

Just a boring intro!

Alright sorry! What made you want to make this podcast?

I think one of the biggest barriers to entry for people wanting to go off road it's just knowing where to go so I thought there's all these fascinating people we can speak to I'm an absolute map geek and I love

creating routes and exploring, so why don't we marry the two and produce something that hopefully people will find interesting to listen to but also try and show people where they can ride. And then hopefully just making it more accessible to people.

And the accessibility things been something that we've talked about quite a lot because the first few episodes are designed to be four episodes that are going to hopefully give you an overview of the

sorts of things that you need to know but also and we'll be really interested to kind of hear back from people. I think we have plenty of nuggets and interesting anecdotes and stories in there even if you do ride off-road then they're still entertaining.

There's been quite a lot of pictures of us rolling around holding microphones some people might be wondering what has been going on I guess?

We wanted to sort of go out and ride and talk to people out on the trail. I think from previous experience sometimes you end up just having proper meaningful conversations with people that you've maybe only just met after usually quite a hard bike ride. So I think it's a really good way to chat and especially when you're off road you have to worry about traffic or anything so we either spoke to people sort of one on one or the first episode when we went down to the Woods Cyclery for me there were I think 54 of us

so that made for fun, I lost you in the first five minutes. I think the ambience of the gravel crunching or splashing through icy puddles just brings its life.

That's it for me I think initially it was thinking about how on the bike you have conversations with people and sometimes things just sort of bubble up and you find yourself speaking your thoughts in a way that you might not normally and I think I wanted to sort of try and bring that out a little bit so it's been quite fun trying to do it it's under development I would say tune in for episode 50 when it sounds really good! And of course we started in January in the depths of winter with like a really frosty morning and ice we had snow in the Peak District I honestly thought we were going to have sort of -2 degrees and horizontal rain but thank God that day actually turned out to be really beautiful even though it's really cold.

There are some really fascinating people that we wanted to chat to to help us answer some questions they're talking about where has this come from this sort of booming off-road fascination where did it start is it actually something new? And then how we do it, why we do it, why is it really taking not just the British cycling industry by storm but all over the world and then from there what's sort of happening when that kind of cycling goes to the extremes and looking at how that's done in the UK and finally how the industry is actually reacting to this sort of increased demand for off-road riding. So this is our first series of four answering some of those questions and we've got some really awesome people like the Racing Collective Lachlan Morton from EF Education First, the Bicycle Academy and Pannier.cc amongst loads of others to help us do that. And not only give you something really interesting to listen to but to help you just get out there for yourselves as well.

So we've enlisted the help of our guests to make some really cool routes all over the UK you can pick them up off of our Unpaved Podcast komoot account and if you haven't used komoot before we'd like to give it a go and as our podcast sponsors they've given you the chance to have a free region bundle as a new user so we put there instructions for that in the show notes it's super easy all you have to do is go to komoot.com/g and enter the code UNPAVED all in capitals to get set up. So that's all to come over the next few weeks but first make sure you subscribe and share this with your friends and then keep your eyes peeled on Wednesday the 19th of February for episode one starting down in the New Forest with Brother Cycles and the Woods Cyclery.